Marina Flisvos or Marina Delta

About The Tour

Get on board and cruise through the three islands of Argosaronikos Bay: Hydra, Poros and Aegina to live a unique experience. You will get to know people from all over the world, dance and sing with a live band and of course taste traditional Greek dishes and drinks.


Island of Hydra
Hydra is known as the island of the international jet set, the island of the captains and artists and will enchant you with its cosmopolitan aura. A stroll through its narrow cobbled stoned alleys is a must. Due to the prohibition of wheeled vehicles on the island which makes it unique, you can hire a donkey, bicycle or a horse carriage for exploring the island. We stay there for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Island of Poros
We wave goodbye to Hydra and sail towards the second island of our cruise, the calm Poros, which is also a popular tourist resort. Poros is an island of unique natural beauty. It is full of trees and surrounded by sandy beaches. You will wonder through the picturesque alleys of the traditional town of Poros and shop from many colorful souvenir tourist shops or enjoy the local delicacies.  We stay on the island for almost an hour.

Island of Aegina
Our last destination is the “lady” Aegina which exudes energy derived from ancient temples and byzantine stone chapels. You will marvel the neoclassical houses and monuments, the vintage innovation of float grocery stores and enjoy romantic strolls, have a cup of coffee while walking through galleries, tourist shops and picturesque cafes. Afterwards, you will return to our ship where the live band waits to entertain you with folklore music and dance. You can buy the famous delicious pistachios of Aegina before departing. Our stay on the island will last two hours.

Suggested Excursions

  1. Walking Tour of Hydra

As Hydra is the only Greek island without cars, here we propose unique Walking Tour. The island holds many “titles” such as cosmopolitan, historic, heroic, thus there is a great history to be explained by our host/ess.

Some of the highlights of the tour are:

  • Right after the disembarkation from the cruise ship a short briefing is taken place before the tour.
  • Oldest Navy School of Europe (dated by the 18th century in a neoclassical building)
  • The statue of captain “Miaouli” who represents the modern history of Hydra as well as the efforts and contribution to the victory of the Greeks against the Turks during the war of the independence of Greece in 1821.
  • The donkeys- Hydra’s main mean of transportation!
  • Oldest pastry shop of the island where hospitality and a treat of the famous sweets called “amygdalota” prepared with rose water, almonds and orange flowers, is enjoyed by the visitor.
  • Going down to the harbor we will see the hospital and the Town Hall.
  • The monastery dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary and its miraculous icon. It was built in the 16th century and the decoration in its interior is very rich because of donations by rich captains and admirals that leaved all their wealth in the monastery.
  • The Ecclesiastical and Byzantine museum of the monastery admiring icons and ecclesiastical items of the 17 – 18 – 19th centuries’, is a very important part of the tour.

Duration of the Tour: 1h 10min

What’s included:

  • Guided tour
  • Pastry tasting
  • Entrance fee to the Cathedral’s museum


  • Adult (12+ years old) 31€/pp
  • Child (5-11 years old) 16€/pp
  • Infants (up to 5 years old) free
  1. Panoramic Tour of Aegina

Crossing the Northern part by bus, the most beautiful part of Aegina with its crystal blue water and its traditional houses! Discovering the hidden jewels of the island, with fantastic views and amazing colors as well as big plantations of pistachio trees.
Six stops at the most significant sightseeing of the island (listed below) without getting of the bus (photo stops), a twenty-minute stop at the Monastery of St. Nektarios, followed by a stop at a traditional Greek “taverna” for our passengers to try local delicacies. During the excursion, the host/ess is giving all the information needed upon pistachio nuts, the island’s history and many fun facts.

1st stop: Ancient city of Aegina – Archaeological site of Kolona.
2nd stop: “The mother of Aegina” statue by Christos Kapralos, one of the most important Greek sculptors.
3rd stop: The house of Nikos Kazantzakis, famous writer of “Alexis Zorbas” (the movie of Michalis Kakogiannis with Antony Queen and Irene Papas – Zorba the Greek).
4th stop: Panoramic View.
5th stop: View of small chapels up in the hill of the medieval capital of the island, famous Palaiochora.
6th stop: Monastery of Saint Nektarios.
7th stop: Greek Traditional Restaurant, where our visitors get to try “ouzo”, Greece’s national aperitif alongside with some of the most popular Greek food specialties “meze”, mainly based on seafood.

Duration of the Tour: 1h 30min

What’s included:

  • Bus transportation
  • Guided tour
  • Food tasting at the Greek restaurant


  • Adult (12+ years old) 24€/pp
  • Child (5-11 years old) 19€/pp
  • Infants (up to 5 years old) free
  1. Swimming tour Aggistri

Greek, hot summer days call for a swim. Arriving to the port of Aegina, we switch from our cruise ship to a speedboat for a short, fun ride to the crystal clear blue waters of a nearby virgin island, the island of “Moni”. It is an island without residents, inhabited only by peacocks and deer, friendly enough to interact with their guests. You will enjoy beautiful scenery, pine trees covering the hill, almost reaching the sandy beach coast alongside with turquoise, transparent waters. There is also a beach bar if you wish to complete your experience with a cocktail or a snack.

Duration of the Tour: 1h 50min

What’s included:

  • Speedboat ride
  • Soft drink
  • Sunbed and umbrella


  • Adult (12+ years old) 34€/pp
  • Child (5-11 years old) 34€/pp
  • Infants (up to 5 years old) free
  1. Cultural Tour – Aphaia & Agios Nektarios

Crossing the island by bus and while the experienced guides provides all the relevant information about the island of Aegina, history and pistachio wise, the passenger anticipates visiting the famous ancient temple of Aphaia alongside with the monastery of St. Nektarios.

First stop, the Archaeological sanctuary of Aphaia, which is one of the most impressive buildings of the post-archaic period. The temple dominates the area and it was founded by the Aegineans to commemorate the Minoan deity Aphaia, daughter of Zeus and Carme. The temple is of a Doric rhythm, one of the best-preserved temples in Greece. It is considered by many the model which the architects of Parthenon had in their minds. Moreover, it is said that together with the temple of Parthenon in Acropolis, Athens and the temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounio, are forming a sacred isosceles triangle, one of the greatest mysteries of the Greek antiquity.

Licensed guide gives a detailed tour inside the archaeological area and the stop lasts half an hour.

Second and final stop, the Monastery of St. Nektarios. The Monastery of Saint Nektarios was built around 1904-1907 by St. Nektarios, the Bishop of Pentapolis. St. Nektarios lived in the monastery and died in 1920. In 1961 he was declared a Saint. The church’s architectural style is basilica with a dome, same with the one of Santa Sofia in Istanbul. The monastery is a convent for women and 14 nuns live in it. The memory of the Saint is celebrated on November 9th and once more on the 3rd of September.

A guide once more gives a tour and the duration of our stay is approximately half an hour.

Duration of the Tour: 1h 50min

What’s included:

  • Bus transportation
  • Guided tour
  • Entrance fees


  • Adult (12+ years old) 28€/pp
  • Child (5-11 years old) 21€/pp
  • Infants (up to 5 years old) free

Combo Packages

  1. Combo Walking Tour of Hydra & Panoramic Tour of Aegina


  • Adult (12+ years old) 39€/pp
  • Child (5-11 years old) 30€/pp
  • Infants (up to 5 years old) free
  1. Combo Walking Tour of Hydra & Cultural Tour – Aphaia & Agios Nektarios


  • Adult (12+ years old) 46€/pp
  • Child (5-11 years old) 32€/pp
  • Infants (up to 5 years old) free
  1. Combo Walking Tour of Hydra & Swimming tour Aggistri


  • Adult (12+ years old) 50€/pp
  • Child (5-11 years old) 50€/pp
  • Infants (up to 5 years old) free
  1. Cultural Tour – Agios Nektarios


  • Adult (12+ years old) 12€/pp
  • Child (5-11 years old) 12€/pp
  • Infants (up to 5 years old) free

Additional Info

Cruise date: Daily
Embarkation time: 7:10 – 7:40 a.m.
Departure time: 8:00 a.m.
Return time: 7:40 p.m.

Port of Calls:

  • Hydra 1hr 45min stay
  • Poros 50 min stay
  • Aegina 2 hrs stay

Official rate on board (include V.A.T & buffet meal):
Adults (12+ years old)                       141, 00 €
Children (5-11,99 years old)              90, 00€
Infants (up to 4,99 years old)                  FOC


Terms & Conditions

Please, kindly find the Terms & Conditions via below link.

Terms & Conditions

Price Includes

  • Calling 3 beautiful islands of Saronic Gulf (Hydra - Poros - Aegina)
  • Lunch on board in buffet style
  • Live music and folkloric show for entertainment
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • Port Taxes

Price Does Not Include

  • Transfer from/to port
  • Gratuities

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