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Geo Travel is an inbound tour agency with a history of more than 15 years in the area of the tourist business and was founded by Mr Yiannis Georgopoulos in Pyrgos Ilia, the administrative center of Ilia region.

Since the very beginning of his business venture, Geo Travel team managed to establish a long-term collaboration with tour operators in Europe and within few years expanded with important partnerships.

The branch offices of our company are located in the busy picturesque cruise-port Katakolon, the gate to Olympia archaeological site and museum.

Our team has expanded and solidified over the years offering a wide range of specialized services combing experience and ambition.

Discover Greece with One Day Tours

With more than 20 million tourists every year, Greece has become one of the most popular travelling destinations in Europe. Discover preserved beauty of Greek land with our One Day Tours in Peloponnese, Athens and Zakynthos Island. Visit some of Greece’s best locations and find the ideal one for you! Are you ready to meet real Greece with its authenticity, culture and traditions?

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