8 Days - 7 Night


Dubai – Qatar – Oman (United Arab Emirates)

About The Tour

Head for Dubai and discover the beauty of Arab music and dance between the charm of the desert, with its ancient traditions, and the futuristic landscape of gleaming skyscrapers. Set sail in Dubai, one of the seven emirates and largest city of the United Arab Emirates. Take advantage of a stop at Abu Dhabi Port to discover the magical charm and treasures of the UAE capital. Continue your journey to Doha, the vibrant capital and most populous city of Qatar. Get a taste of the city, feel its pulse as you face its iconic sights and cultural monuments. Enjoy the comfort of a ship at sea before reaching Muscat, the capital of Oman, one of the most important commercial ports of the 1st century. Then you will return back to Dubai with its modern wonders to end this wonderful cruise.



Vessel : Costa Pacifica

1st Day: Dubai (UAE)
Departure from Dubai Port at 00:00

Dubai is a contradiction: sparkling skyscrapers, among the tallest in the world, and just behind the endless and silent desert, perfect for a sunset dinner.

Take advantage of your stop in Dubai to experience the magic and discover the many attractions of this impressive city, known as one of the world capitals of luxury. During the stop, you can visit the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, admire the splendor of the Hotel Burj Al Arab and visit the Palm Jumeirah, a man-made archipelago whose beauty defies imagination.
Dinner and overnight on board

 2nd Day: Dubai (UAE)
Stay in Dubai until 23:59

Dinner and overnight on board

 3rd Day: Abu Dhabi (UAE)
Arrival in Abu Dhabi at 09:00 – departure at 23:59

Abu Dhabi is a miracle of sand. The majestic white marble mosque coexists with the mirrors of the skyscrapers. Everything is in the middle of the desert.

Take advantage of a stop at Abu Dhabi Port to discover the magical charm and treasures of the UAE capital. During this stop, you can immerse yourself in the history of the area by visiting the Heritage Village, admiring the Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed, one of the most beautiful in the world and enjoying the fascinating sights of Yas Island.
Dinner and overnight on board

4th Day: Doha (Qatar)
Arrival in Doha at 14:00 – departure at 22:00

Doha is located on the central east coast of the Qatar peninsula, just 500 kilometers from the most famous cities of the neighboring United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Unlike the latter, Doha is not a famous tourist destination, but offers some interesting attractions and a bright horizon that is constantly changing.

The Mosque of Phanar and the large souks are located in the heart of the city centre. The newly built Mosque is a fine example of Islamic architecture, with the particular spiral minaret, which is perfectly equal from whatever angle you look at it. See it at night too, when it is enhanced by magnificent lighting effects. In the nearby souks, immerse yourself in Middle Eastern flair: colours, scents, typical small shops run by men only, fabrics and traditional dresses. The most valuable part is hidden in the ”Gold Souk”, where gold is sold by weight and is of good quality.
Dinner and overnight on board

5th Day: at the sea

A day at sea gives you the opportunity to discover the facilities of the ship, to take advantage of the activities and to enjoy the amazing cuisine in the dining rooms of the ship or to relax under the sun by the pool. In the evening, watch the artistic programs of the ship’s entertainment team and have fun with your soul.

Dinner and overnight on board

6th Day: Muscat (Oman)
Arrival in Muscat at 07:00 – departure at 17:00

The Gulf of Oman is beautiful, the port and city of Muscat reflect the economic power of the Sultanate.
Take advantage of this stop in the Port of Muscat, the Sultanate of Oman, to discover the capital, which offers an irresistible charm thanks to its historical and cultural heritage.

During your stay, you can visit the magnificent and glittering Muscat Royal Opera House, appreciate the modern architecture of the Sultan Kabo Grand Mosque, discover Oman traditions at the beautiful Bait Al Zubair Museum and explore the old city, the historic heart of Muscat.
Dinner and overnight on board

7th and 8th Day: Return to Dubai (UAE)
Arrival in Dubai at 13:00 – end of cruise at 00:00

Your epic journey ends where it began – in Dubai. Dubai city, one of the fastest growing in the world, it is an ideal destination for those who love luxury and opulence. Your stay here, with the impeccable services and the unique sights that can easily be described as modern wonders will leave you with the best impressions!

Additional Info

Service Charge 
For all hotel services on board, a mandatory service charge of 10 € per person per day will be added each day to the guest’s account. Payment will be requested at the end of the cruise and depends on how many days the guest’s cruise lasts. Guests may choose to add the service charge to the total to be paid when booking. The predetermined daily amount depends on the date and the destination of the cruise.
The service charge rates to guests over the age of 14. There is no service charge on any cruise for children under the age of 4. Children between the ages of 4 and 14 will be charged 50% of the above rate.

Click here to download the file with additional information about the cruise.

Click here to download the file with additional information about the cruise.

Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

Price Includes

  • On-board accommodation in the stateroom category of your choice
  • Full board on the ship (a cover charge applies for our specialty restaurants)
  • Room service (free for premium and suite categories – charges apply in Classic)
  • Port Expenses & Fees
  • Participation in on-board activities and on-board facilities (surcharge may apply)
  • Entertainment program on board

Price Does Not Include

  • Drinks served in the restaurants, bars, lounges and in the stateroom, Service charge,
  • Shore excursions.
  • Hair salon, use of wellness area, health and beauty treatments
  • Selected on-board activities, Laundry, medical services, photographers, newspapers.
  • Purchases made at on-board shops, Club Restaurants, Samsara Restaurants, the Pizzerias and the Teppanyaki restaurant
  • Video games, the Casino, on-demand movies on the interactive TV in the cabin, Grand Prix Simulators
  • Other attractions only available on certain ships (4D Cinema, Music Studio, Star Laser, etc.) as well as personal expenses.

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