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4 Days – 3 Nights Tour To Peloponnese

4 days – 3 nights tour to Peloponnese
Take a tour to Peloponnese , the unique virgin part of Greece. You will see beautiful lands, crystal beaches and impressive archaeological sites as you are introduced to the real character of Greece.

1st day: Hotel – Olympia- Kalamata
Departure from your hotel/port/airport for a 4 day tour to Peloponnese with an Italian speaking guide. Begin your tour towards south and after 1 hour we will make a small detour for a stop to Olympia to admire the famous archaeological site and museum as well as enjoy the shopping. Continue your tour towards the coastal city of Kalamata. ( Olympia-Kalamata: 2 hours/ 124 km). Enjoy your lunch in a traditional tavern at the sea side and then settle at the hotel. Afterwards, you will have free time to explore the city which is one of the most vivid in the Peloponnese. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Overnight in Kalamata

2nd day: Kalamata-Kardamili-Diros Caves-Gytheio-Monemvasia/193 km
Take your breakfast at the hotel and continue your exploration of the historical region of Mani. You will be transferred to Diros Caves (Kalamata- Diros Caves: 2 hours & 15’ / 90 km), one of the longest subterranean Caves with stalagmites and stalactites in Europe. Upon your arrival at the cavern, follow your guide as you embark for a small tour by boat, which will take you right inside the Caves. Return to your motor coach and depart for Monemvasia as you pass near Kardamili and admire the special architecture of Pirgospita in Mani region. ( Diros- Gythio: 45’/ 36 km).Enjoy your lunch in Gythio in a local tavern by the sea and then depart for Monemvasia.  ( Gytheio -Monemvasia: 1 hour & 15’ / 67 km). You will have your afternoon free to explore the place. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Overnight in Monemvasia

3d day: Monemvasia- Tolo/ 198 km
After your breakfast at the hotel, depart for your visit in Monemvasia Castle. The town is located on a small island linked to the mainland by a short road. It’s the site of a powerful fortress with many Byzantine churches remaining from the medieval period. Afterwards, we depart for the coastal town of Tolo. ( Monemvasia- Tolo: 3 hours & 15’ / 198 km) . You will have lunch at the hotel and free afternoon for swimming and sunbathing. Dinner and overnight in Tolo.
Overnight in Tolo

4th day: Tolo- Epidaurus- Mycenae
After breakfast we depart to Epidaurus, the most famous ancient theatre of Greece, built at the end of the 4th cen. B.C. ( Tolo– Epidaurus : 36’ / 31 km). The miracle of this classical theatre is that you can hear even a whisper from the stage, no matter where you sit. The next stop is Nafplio ( Epidaurus- Nafplio: 41’/ 66  km) where you can have a coffee by the sea to relax and then got on to Mycenae. ( Nafplio- Mycenae: 25’/ 25 km). Admire one more part of the ancient Greek culture dated back to Archaic Era. We have lunch in Mycenae and in the afternoon you will be transferred through Peloponnese back to your destination.

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